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Gym - Workout Room

for the use of the Recreation Fund owners only
General Workout Room Guides,  Specific Guides listed below.   Click Here
The gym at the club house is well stocked with workout equipment
to make your efforts satisfactory and complete.  This room was
updated and remodeled in the Spring of 2019
View when entering gym, note free weights and exercise balls
Our well lighted and open view gym, windows are treated with sun protection
View when entering, looking up the Gr. Spg. Dr. area
Equpment at the pool end of clubhouse, note pads for floor workouts
The Silver Ledge end of the gym, excellent equipment, a new True eliptical unit is ordered
Showing the TV and coat hanging area
The spacious rest room and cold water unit showing here
Fitness and Exercise Room Rules and Regulations
1. No one under 16 years of age allowed without an adult resident.
2. Proper workout attire is required.
3. No pets are allowed in the fitness facility.
4. Smoking is prohibited.
5. No food or beverage (other than water) is allowed in fitness area.
6. Respect your neighbor-wipe down equipment after use and be courteous
    with using the radio or TV,  everyone might not like the same selection
    as you do or the loudness settings either.
7. No glass is allowed.
8. Use equipment at your own risk.
9. When leaving, turn off all lights, TV, fans, and close windows
     and be sure to lock them.
Besides what you may note in the pictures here, it also contains a chilled water fountain,  a 72 channel TV, with cable, a clean and nice size restroom / dressing room.
ceiling fans and air conditioning
Report any broken or non working equipment to our property management company
or to a board member.
The room is well lighted, air conditioned and heated, Temperatures are monitored each season to be set at comfortable levels. If, however, you need to open a window, please close and lock it when leaving.
               We ask that you keep this room clean, it is yours as residents of the community.
Also, please be courteous  on the equipment,  use to a maximum of 20 minutes if others are waiting
Please be careful with the equipment and don't let the weight machines drop the weights which will crack them and jam the unit.  Service for these repairs is expensive.
The Management Company and the Association assumes no liability for injuries or accidents that may
occur. The Management Company and the Association assumes no responsibility for articles lost, stolen
or damaged. The Association reserves the right to modify/amend the fitness and exercise room rules.


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