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About Granite Spring

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Welcome to Granite Spring!

…A community that was established in 2004 by Fischer Homes in the City of Cold Spring, Campbell County KY 41076 USA. The community consists of single-family, patio, and condominium homes. Entrance to the community is from US 27 (Alexandria Pike) South, onto Buning Lane which changes into Granite Spring Drive. A traffic light at this intersection provides safe entry and exit and an additional exit / entrance from the condo area flows to US 27. The Granite Spring community is a beautifully landscaped area with an attractive stone and granite entrance. We are a recycle community. Our condos have a recycle dumpster, our homes are serviced by our city recycle pickup.
               Our community entranceway on Buning Ln from U.S. 27
             Right side of our entrance             Left side of our entrance     Our entrance way street divider
                    Overall view of our entranceway where Buning Ln turns into Granite Spring Dr.- 2006     
Overall view of our entranceway where Buning Ln turns into Granite Spring Dr.- 2013
Views of our exit from Granite Spring
A Granite Spring monument.  Each intersection has a decorative stone wall with the logo "GS" on it.
There is a stone water fall area at the entrance to the Patio Home - Condo Home area.
This area is identified as "THE CASCADES OF GRANITE SPRING" 
A beautiful lake area with a gazebo and walking path are located in the Condominium area. Fishing by residents and guests is allowed and the policy is catch and release. Our beautiful Gazebo juts out over the lake edge. It has a large bench and there are benches spaced around the lake walkway.
                       We have a Clubhouse with a Workout Room, Great Room, and a Game Room/Library.

Board-approved events for Condominium and Patio Home residents have free use of the Club House facility. Patio and Condo Residents can also rent out the Clubhouse Great Room.
 The Great Room has a full kitchen, large screen TV, ceiling fans, a patio and plenty of seating and tables for large group use.
  clubhouse setting for dinner entertainment
Our Workout Room (Gym) is nicely furnished
with adequate equipment, ceiling fans, TV, wall mirrors, and a restroom. We have free weights, two treadmills, a recumbent bike, an elliptical transporter, a center combo unit, AND air conditioning etc.!
is nicely furnished with a game table, kitchenette, TV, couch, and our hard copy library books. The paperback book collection is in the Workout Room. The library is a free service and user-maintained.
There is also a swimming pool located behind the Club House. Both the Club House and the pool are open to the Condominium and Patio residents who pay a monthly maintenance fee. The pool is well maintained and supplied with ample tables, chairs, and loungers.
Please reference Pool Info & Rules.
The community is well administered and solidly funded by a closely administered reserve funding of each of the three major funds. Residents are friendly and the area is a safe and clean community in which to reside.
                                    Housing is well maintained and owners are proud of their properties.
Some Yards of the Month pics above
There is a city park/playground (Sunshine Park) at Sandstone Ridge and Granite Spring Drive which was developed by Fischer Homes and donated to the City of Cold Spring who maintains it, having added swings, jungle gym, covered pavilion with picnic tables and restroom facilities. There is plenty of green space for children to play in, for walking dogs or just for plain visual enjoyment.
Our streets are dedicated City of Cold Spring streets and are patrolled by city police with speed limits subject to city restrictions. Street maintenance, including snow removal, is performed by the City of Cold Spring. All streets have sidewalks, some on both sides of the street. These provide an attractive and safe walking area and the landscaping of the community and it’s homes and the topography of the area enhance the walking and bicycling experience.

The community, when completed, is projected to be nearly 533 residences. These include 333 Condos, 78 Patio Homes, and 122 Single Family Homes. This completion is expected to be late 2015, depending on many conditions. Currently (May 2013) the community is about 88% complete.
The Home Owners Association/Condo Owners Association is administered by a Board of Directors and a Property Manager who are advised by a Finance Committee of qualified volunteer residents. Property maintenance is funded by three funds to which residents contribute.

The Board of Directors meets regularly to formulate, review and discuss policies and issues and make decisions. Policies and directives are executed and administered by members of the Board, the Property Manager, and the Home Owners Association (HOA)/Condo Owners Association (COA) and Standing Committees of volunteer residents. 
Where the rainbow always follows the rain
We are a patriotic and community-minded group of homeowners as denoted below by pictures of our Memorial Day Flag Pole dedication, and also our fundraising Luminary event. We collect canned goods and cash each Christmas for the poor and heavily contribute to the mail carriers food collection.                                                                                                                       
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