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City of Cold Spring

Click here to view the City of Cold Spring web site for all city info and services news

Click here to view the City of Cold Spring Police Dept. web site for all police info and services news
(See other Police Dept details at bottom of this page)
The city provides a community Family-Reunion-use-room and outside shelter for a reasonable fee.
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The City of Cold Spring, population about 6,000, was incorporated in 1941.
The city is located in Campbell County, Kentucky  approximately  8 miles  south  of Cincinnati, Ohio on US 27,  occupying  about  13.2 square miles.  There  is  access  to  the  City  of  Cold Spring  by several major expressways, I-71/75,  I-275 and I-471. The city  is approximately 16 miles from the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Airport. Cold Spring is a fifth class city with a Mayor/Council (six total council members) form of government, which has non-partisan elections. There are four voting precincts  situated  in the 68th House District, the 24th Senatorial District and the 4th Congressional District.

The City of Cold Spring is a fifth class city with Mayor/Council form of government. The city has non-partisan elections to elect their local officials. There are four voting precincts.  Cold Spring is situated in the 68th House District, the 24th Senatorial District and the 4th Congressional District.     The City Council meets in caucus on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. and in regular session on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Cold Spring Planning and Zoning meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  Meetings are at the City Building and are open to the public. The Parks and Recreation Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.
City Office Hours Monday thru Friday      9:00am to 4:00pm
City Mailing Address City of Cold Spring
  5694 East Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076
Main Office Phone: 859-441-9604 FAX:  859-441-4640
Police Department Office Phone: 859-441-6289 EMERGENCY -  911
Police Department Fax (859) 441-6806 County Dispatch  859-292-3622 (non-emergency)

D. Angelo Penque              Mayor                                Ext. 126                    

Michael Ruscher                City Council                       Ext. 112                    

Christopher Ampher         City Council                       Ext. 113                    

Brendon Helton                City Council                       Ext. 114                    

Lisa Cavanaugh                  City Council                       Ext. 115                    

Adam Sandfoss                  City Council                       Ext. 116                    

Lou Gerding                       City Council                       Ext. 117                    

Rita Seger                           City Clerk                           Ext. 122                    

Ann Hargreaves                 Asst City Clerk                   Ext. 121                    

Robin Sweeney                  City Clerk                           Ext. 129                    

Steve Taylor                       City Administrator            Ext. 123                    

Steve Collinsworth         Police Chief                  ext. 211                 
We have had several requests for clarification on some city ordinances. Please note the following:
Garage Sales
If individuals want to put a sign on their property only (no signs on public property allowed), they would have to get a sticker for their sign and it would cost $10.00 and be good for 2 weeks.  After the sale, if they return the sticker, they would get a refund of $5.00.
Parking of privately owned motor vehicles "for sale" is prohibited within the City, unless the vehicle is parked on the vehicle owner's rented or owned property. Vehicles may be advertised for sale across the street from a resident's home if parking is prohibited in front of the residence.  Vehicles may also be parked at the owner's place of work only during the hours that they are working. All other locations, such as businesses or church lots are subject to fines.
The City continually tries to enforce "no parking in fire lane" laws. Besides being a potential hazard in an emergency (Fire or Police), it is a greater hazard to traffic and pedestrians who must maneuver around these vehicles.
Building Permits
Building Permits are required for room additions, decks, fences or any other construction on your property.  Campbell County Planning and Zoning handles all building permits and requests for the city.  Please plan ahead, since review of a permit takes a minimum of two weeks.  You can contact Campbell County Planning and Zoning at 859-292-3880.

Dogs must be kept contained within the owner's property, or while off the property be secured by means of a collar or harness with a chain or leash and held by the owner or keeper.  The City has a "pooper scooper" law, and any pet owner is required to remove and clean up the animal's excrement from public or private property.


Click here to view the City of Cold Spring Police Dept. web site for all police info and services news
Our police officers continue to make our City one of the safest places to  live in the greater Cincinnati area.  The majority of crimes of a serious nature committed over the past year have been closed, including the most recent where the subject's vehicle was confiscated. Don't forget, we do home and business checks.  If you plan to be away from home, please stop one of the officers or call the Police Secretary at the Police Department.
Nnon-emergency number: 441-6289 (between 8:30am n 5:00 pm)
Fax: 441-6806              
After hours number (after 5:00 pm, or before 8:30 am):  441- 3622
For emergency calls DIAL 911


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